Sunday, October 23, 2011

Of sentry (:

short note: focus focus focus!

woke up this morning and for some reason sat myself down on the Chair peering out to the familiar red gate. I wonder when was the last time i really sat there alone. what used to be a place of solace has now become nothing but memories. time flies and in just few more months im gone hehs..

note to self:

get my self to BB tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


short note: feels so hard to commit to anything. why?

i am going to revive this blog. this time really.
been having a tough time committing to anything lately. for 2 months long all i'd done was making empty promises to myself and hope that things are going to sort out by it self. Enough i say. Nothing is going to happen unless i do it on my own. but its so hard.. ):

i am not really sure what is it but after that 'supposed' holiday i'm really down on something. i tried by best to avoid falling into depression again but after a few weeks i gave in. its too much really. life is too much and im too stupid. that being said, i have to buck up seriously. i have 4 more months to complete what i set out to do. and i have to start now.

hope its not too late..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

short note: this is my brain. shoot it.

while it may seems that change is inevitable, the fact that the world is more constant than volatile is less than obvious. how could it be when everyday seems like a chaos; when a bomb exploded there, a man killed here and waves just plunge a great country to her knee? but strip bare of everything, its all the same old story with better coverage.

'in all the chaos routine is a salvation'